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A FISHBY fishing permit

Otra Fiskelag

OTRA FISKELAG (308 × 428 px) (3)

FISHBY fishing license, provided by Otra Fiskelag, covers about 180 kilometers of the Otra river system in Setesdallen Valley, (red area on the map below). From Hartevatn at Hovden in the north to Kilefjorden in the south.
(FISHBY license does not include fishing after migratory species. On how to acquire those permits, please read below.

The most common trout here is the wild brown trout (Salmo trutta) but some wild American brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) can be caught too. Common are average-sized fish of around 300g (3/4lb) but hidden amongst them are some leviathans reaching 8kg (17.5lbs). There is a unique salmon species living in Byglandsfjorden, called Bleka. The fish is often no larger than 250 grams, but its distinctiveness makes it a sought-after sports fish.

South of Fennefossen, in Evje, you can find perch, whereas, in the higher reaches of the river, you will find minnows.

General rules

  • Youths under 16 can fish for FREE
  • Day - NOK 75.- Week - NOK 200,- Season - NOK 500,-
  • Whether on land or from a boat, all hand equipment is allowed, including otter boards.
  • After gutting fish, the entrails must be buried to avoid the spread of parasites.
  • Show consideration for grazing livestock. Do not cross inland.
  • Keep dogs on a leash.
  • The use of live fish as bait is strictly prohibited! A report to the police and the National Nature Inspectorate will follow.

Important safety note; during rainy seasons, those that are fishing near dams and power stations, please beware of possible sudden rising water levels!

Flycasting for Atlantic salmon in Mandalselva

Fishing In Otra

The River
With a total length of app. 245km, Otra is Norway’s 8th longest river. The River follows Southern Norway’s main road North Rv 9 where it eventually flows out into the sea in the heart of Southern Norway’s capital, Kristiansand. The river is navigable up to Kvarstein, app. 10 km from the mouth.

The name "Otra" comes most likely from the animal name "otter" (gl.n. OTR).

Along its course, Otra has a lot to offer, and it often changes from torrent white water to wider slower flowing areas, to small and large lakes.

Fishing in Otra
Otra is an exciting river, with the lower 16km housing migratory Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), and sea trout (Salmo trutta trutta), as well as wild brown trout (Salmo trutta) and European freshwater eel (Anguilla anguilla). In 2014, 6537kg of fish were caught in the lower parts. 94% was wild Atlantic Salmon.

As we move upstream from where the migratory fish meet their artificial stop in Vennesla, the Otra takes form as multiple joined lakes and small rivers. Large quantities of wild brown trout, with a small average size, live here but in such a number, one is almost guaranteed to catch!

Migratory fish (orange area on the map below)
One needs two different fishing licenses for migratory fish;

  • The national license, (Fiskeavgift), which costs NOK 310, and can be purchased here; Fiskeavgift
  • River beat licenses, which can either be purchased online or at an establishment like a petrol stations or Grønberg Sport fishing shop in Kristiansand.

Fishing the lakes in Valle

Valle Fishing license
"VAFA" Is not a part of FishBy. VAFA license must be purchased separately and is valid in a number of lakes throughout Valle municipality. The information in the Fishbuddy, (Fiskher) app, is incorrect.
Please download the: Fishing map VAFA 2019, PDF for a detailed map of he area.

The Valle Fishing Administration (VAFA) is an umbrella organization that coordinates 17 affiliated fishing associations. Founded in 1990, it consists of over 200 member landowners.
VAFA Associations;
Otra Fiskelag Valle, Homme Fiskelag, Vallebø Fiskelag, Hevatn Fiskelag, Harstad Fiskelag, Rossevatn and Hyllvatn Fiskelag, Ramvatn Fiskelag, Boketjønn and Berevatn Fiskelag, Dale, Løyland and Røysland Fiskelag, Åmli and Berg Fiskelag, Juvatn Fiskelag, Tjønnan Fiskelag, Brokke and Berg Fiskelag, Nomeland Fiskelag, Uppstad Fiskelag, Helle Fiskelag, and Store Kråketjønn Fiskelag.
Over 200 landowners are members of VAFA. VAFA was founded in 1990.